Teeth Whitening in Romsey

Boost your confidence with beautifully white teeth.  Having a fresh white smile helps us to look and feel better, so it is no wonder that teeth whitening treatments are very popular.

According to the Oral Health Foundation, teeth whitening is one of the largest growing cosmetic procedures in the UK and it is no wonder as it is an effective and simple way of improving your smile and it can even make you look years younger!

Over time, so many of our favourite things, like red wine, coffee and tea can have a negative effect on the colour of your teeth.  This staining can make it very challenging to maintain a bright white smile.  Teeth whitening can reverse the effects and achieve a brighter more dazzling smile and can have a positive effect on self-esteem and confidence.

The way teeth whitening works is by applying a gentle bleaching agent to your teeth to make the stains disappear.

The process is safe and easy to do and you can do it from the comfort of your own home.

Here at Beauchamp Dental Practice, we use Boutique professional teeth whitening system which is designed to fit in with your lifestyle.

The Boutique by Day formula requires 1.5 hours of wear time per day. We also offer Boutique by Night which will whiten your teeth overnight as you sleep.



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What makes Boutique Whitening different?

  • Gentle formulas so work well for those people with sensitive teeth
  • rapid results provided by High strength formula
  • teeth kept hydrated by the high-water content
  • Integrated potassium nitrate helps reduce sensitivity
  • pH neutral gels to avoid damaging the teeth
  • Options for both day and night use
  • Multi-award winning products

What happens in the teeth whitening treatment?

It is easy to get started on your teeth whitening journey. Our dentists take a mould from which we can create your bespoke whitening trays.  With your dentists help, you then decide which system will be better suited to your lifestyle. You then apply the gel as directed to unveil your new brighter, whiter smile.

Is teeth whitening permanent?

Teeth Whitening is not permanent, and results do vary depending on if you smoke, drink tea, coffee or red wine, all of which can stain your teeth and affect how long the teeth whitening lasts. It can typically last from a few months to up to 3 years.

Is Teeth Whitening Safe?

Teeth whitening is regulated in Europe and adheres to the EU Cosmetic Regulations which dictates that the strength of hydrogen peroxide in professional teeth whitening solutions cannot exceed 6%.  At 6% strength, professional tooth whitening is very safe when used under the supervision of a dentist.

There are lots of other teeth whitening services and products out there, can I use them?

In pursuit of those lovely white teeth remember that only dentists registered with the General Dental Council (GDC) should carry out teeth whitening.

If you buy a teeth whitening product online or over-the-counter, it can pose risks to your health, because you don’t know whether the level of bleach they contain is safe.

Also, whitening treatments performed in unregistered beauty salons or other shops can also be unsafe – therefore it’s important to remember that only GDC registered dentists should carry out teeth whitening.

Does Teeth Whitening have any risks?

Sensitivity is the main side-effect of teeth whitening which affects up to 70% of people. It can range from mild to great discomfort.

Another side effect is some slight irritation of the gums or lips. Both of these effects are temporary and will resolve after stopping or finishing your treatment.

Will teeth whitening work on false teeth?

Crowns, implants, and veneers are made of porcelain and not enamel and typically, this porcelain material is chosen to match the shade of your existing teeth. This material does not respond to whitening treatment, however, there is good news, porcelain is a nonporous material. so it should never become stained, so your crowns, implants, or veneers should never require whitening in the first place.

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