Composite Bonding

Composite bonding preserves healthy tissue and naturally reinforces the remaining tooth, presenting a prompt, painless, and reversible solution for cosmetic concerns such as gaps, chips, and discoloration.

Layers of remarkably durable and enduring, tooth-coloured filling substance are expertly matched and layered to simulate natural teeth, yielding astonishing outcomes, often without the need for local anaesthetic.

Would you like to perfect your smile in only one hour?

Through cosmetic bonding, your smile can undergo a transformative change in just one session, bolstering your confidence to proudly display it.
Cosmetic bonding can enhance the appearance of your teeth, creating the illusion of greater alignment, closing gaps, and rectifying smile imperfections. This brief one-hour transformation empowers you to eliminate these flaws without the need for undergoing lengthy treatments or the use of braces.

This is the quickest and least expensive method of improvement, but it is not always a suitable alternative to veneers or crowns.

Before and After Photos

Case 1 BEFORE Composite Bonding -Harjeet BrarCase 1 AFTER Composite Bonding -Harjeet Brar

Case 1 – Composite bonding to the upper 6 teeth. Done in a single session. Patients main concern was gappy teeth. We bleached and then bonded to his teeth without any orthodontics. Photo courtesy of Dr Harjeet Brar.

Case 2 BEFORE Composite Bonding -Harjeet BrarCase 2 AFTER Composite Bonding -Harjeet Brar

Case 2 – Composite bonding done to the upper 4 teeth. The patients teeth had worn and discoloured over time. We bleached and bonded to the teeth to achieve the desired result. Photo courtesy of Dr Harjeet Brar.

Case 3 BEFORE Composite Bonding -Harjeet BrarCase 3 AFTER Composite Bonding -Harjeet Brar

Case 3 – This patient had been unhappy with his gappy teeth for years. We bonded composite to his upper 6 teeth with no drilling in one session. Photo courtesy of Dr Harjeet Brar.

Frequently Asked Questions

Typically, with cosmetic bonding, there’s usually no need for preparation of the tooth or teeth, and anaesthesia is often unnecessary. The process begins by selecting the desired shade of composite resin. The tooth’s surface is gently etched or textured to facilitate the bonding of the composite resin. The resin is then shaped and moulded onto the tooth’s surface. To facilitate hardening, an ultraviolet light is applied to the tooth. Subsequently, we meticulously sculpt, shape, and polish the tooth, ensuring it harmonizes in both colour and sheen with the surrounding teeth, thus achieving an aesthetically pleasing outcome.

The entire procedure is usually completed within around an hour.

Cosmetic bonding presents an excellent choice if you desire immediate outcomes. This is particularly advantageous for individuals such as brides-to-be who seek a rapid smile enhancement in preparation for their special day. It effectively addresses various concerns including:
• Gaps between teeth
• Chipped or fractured teeth
• Crooked or uneven teeth
• Discoloured teeth
Composite bonding is not as strong as your own natural tooth. Biting your fingernails or biting on hard foods and substances can chip the bonding.

Bonding usually lasts several years but will need to be repaired or replaced. How long it lasts depends on you and how well you look after your cosmetic bonding and your other teeth. Regular dental check-ups and visits with our hygienist will help.

While cosmetic bonding is a viable option, it’s not the sole treatment at your disposal. Our repertoire encompasses a variety of other cosmetic dentistry procedures, including laboratory-crafted porcelain veneers and crowns, which boast increased durability and longevity.

However, if you’re seeking enduring results, our diverse selection of orthodontic treatments might be more fitting for your needs. We provide alternative options such as Smile Makeovers, Braces, and Porcelain Veneers to cater to your preferences.

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